PaletteApp: V1 Discontinued. Please download PaletteApp 2

This article only applies to those who started using PaletteApp before December 2015 and are still using PaletteApp v1.

Near the end of the 2015, we released PaletteApp V2 which had a lot more functions than V1. Since the older profiles of V1 wouldn't be compatible with V2 (more details below), we decided to allow everyone to continue using V1 until they chose to transition to V2. We also wanted to take some time to make sure that the experience of the new version is significantly better. We did send out an email to inform everyone about the most recent software version but there is a chance you missed the update or the fact that V2 requires a separate download and installation. Because of this reason, to ensure that that everyone has the most latest features and bug fixes, we are now officially discontinuing our V1.


Please download the install the latest PaletteApp 2 here: 


New Applications & Functionality

  1. Premiere Pro: New Lumetri Color Panel and other effects (e.g. Motion, Opacity, Volume) are now supported  
  2. New Application Modes for Adobe Audition CC and Lightroom 5

Revamped User Interface

In real time, animations mimic how that module is physically moving (turn on this feature in preferences)! We've also taken away the bulky borders so you have more screen space available. 

Improved Profile Switching

Assign Next or Previous Profile to any Palette button to cycle between parts of your workflow. With the "auto profile switching" option selected in preferences, you can have Palette automatically switch profiles to match the Adobe app in focus. 

Enhanced Keyboard Mode

Now you can assign a Keyboard Profile to any running application. This allows Palette to automatically switch to that Keyboard profile whenever that application is in focus. Try using Palette as a Spotify controller, to sort email or to navigate tabs in Google Chrome. 


New Module Setting Screen

This pop-up is your one-stop-shop for all your module-programming needs. Here you can select the function of your module from many different modes and change your halo colour. 

Search Bar

Use the new search bar to find functions quickly.


New Preferences Window

Auto Profile Switching lets you only toggle through profiles for the software you are using. That means no more toggling through those Photoshop profiles when you're in Lightroom. 


New File Menu System

You can now see keyboard shortcuts to use within the App or navigate to them in our new file menu.




New System Tray Options

Clicking on the PaletteApp in the System Tray will give you quick access to your PaletteApp settings



Please note:

  • Any profiles (.plp files) saved using the original PaletteApp will not work in v2.0 and will have to be recreated. 
  • To optimize the performance of PaletteApp v2.0 we have turned off the on-screen module animations by default. You can turn them on in Preferences.
  • For Lightroom CC: This installer adds a new Palette Plugin V2. If it doesn't connect automatically the first time, please ensure it is Enabled in the Lightroom Plug-in Manager as shown below.




We appreciate your feedback as you're using our PaletteApp.  Select "Feedback" from the Help menu, or send an email to to submit an idea, small or big - we want to know what you think! 


Please download the install the latest PaletteApp 2 here: 

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