Premiere Pro CC: Slow behaviour with some functions [FIXED]

Please Note: As of Palette version 2.0.97, this issue has been resolved. If you are experiencing slow response with large projects, please update your PaletteApp.

Updates can be found by navigating to Help > Palette Updates > Check for Updates.


If you are using Palette with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, there is a known issue where Premiere Pro is slow to respond to certain functions with Palette dials or sliders. Unfortunately, this is due to a limitation of the current Premiere Pro SDK and we are working with Adobe to fix this issue. In the mean time, we hope that this article will help you to continue using Palette with Premiere Pro.

What exactly is the issue?
When Palette dials or sliders are set to certain Premiere Pro functions, the changes made might be slow to update inside the Premiere Pro UI. For button actions, this issue is not that noticeable.

When does this issue happen?
This has been observed mostly when there are a lot of clips in the sequence. The exact number of clips where you see this delay and the delay itself, can vary based on your computer and the project. When the sequence is made smaller, those functions should be very responsive again.

Which dial or slider functions are affected?
Functions in the following submenus:
Track Control, Clip Control, Motion, Opacity
Effects & Transitions

Which functions are NOT affected by this condition (i.e. works smoothly)?
All Lumetri adjustments (existing lag issues fixed with the upcoming public Premiere Pro release - currently fixed with Palette Beta and Premiere Pro pre-release).
All Audio Audio Mixer functions
All General Adjustments
All custom keyboard shortcuts (dials or buttons).

How you can help
Premiere Pro team has been very supportive of Palette and we have been working with some of their engineers to try to resolve this issue for the future releases of Premiere Pro. In the mean time, for better issue tracking on Adobe's part and potentially help escalate the issue for Palette specific bugs, you may submit a bug report to Premiere Pro using this simple form. In the form, you can choose "Bug Report" and in the "Concise Problem Statement" text field, we recommend mentioning Palette and at least one Premiere Pro function where you want the laggy behaviour fixed.

Thanks again for your patience and supporting Palette. We hope we can continue to make the Palette integration better with your favourite software!

The Palette Team

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