Palette Beta

Thank you for your interest in the Palette Beta program. With the Beta version, now you can try out the latest and greatest features before they become available to the public. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback and help shape the way Palette works with your favorite applications! Since we will be releasing beta updates more frequently than the public releases, sometimes you might notice some experimental features or early stage bugs. We would really appreciate your feedback.

If you are interested in the Palette Beta program, please send your request to

Notes about installation:

  • It will be installed as a separate app called "PaletteApp Beta". You do not need to uninstall your current public version of PaletteApp

  • At any given time, your Palette kit can work with only one PaletteApp version. So please close your public PaletteApp V2 version. If you have both Beta and public version of PaletteApp running at the same time, only one of them will detect the Palette Kit.

  • If you had "Launch at Startup" enabled, the first time you start PaletteApp Beta, it will override the settings the launch settings for the public PaletteApp V2 version. Hence, the next time you restart your computer, it will launch the Beta version instead. To change this back to your original public version, simply close the Beta version and start the public PaletteApp version. It will consider the settings for the most recently used Palette version.

Release Notes 

Friday, Dec 1st, v2.4.5:

  • New: Mouse scroll and click events, sensitivity controls for all media functions, show current volume in Notification Panel when volume is adjusted with a Palette module, turn off Palette lights when system goes to sleep for macOS
  • Premiere Pro: Automatic Profile Switching based on the workspace
  • Premiere Pro: Minimize/Expand All Tracks, Increase/Decrease Clip Volume, Increase/Decrease Clip Volume Many, Play in to Out, High Dynamic Range, Bypass Lumetri Color Effects, Loop, Next / Previous Marker for buttons, Jog / Toggle Audio Keyframe and Jog / Toggle Video Keyframe functions for dials
  • Photoshop: Save for Web function for buttons, Zoom/Fit, layer selection and Brush Smoothing functions for dials
  • Lightroom: Sync Settings and Create Snapshot functions for buttons
  • MIDI and Macro mode bug fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes, usability, and stability improvements

Friday, Oct 20th, v2.4.1:

  • Compatibility with latest Adobe applications

Wednesday, Oct 11th, v2.4.0:

  • New: Support for Photo Mechanic and FL Studio (Windows Only)
  • Photoshop: New Brush Shape Dynamics controls, Selection mode for Quick selection and Magic Wand Tool
  • Lightroom: Apply the selected preset to all selected photo(s)
  • Premiere Pro: New Keyframe Quick Start profiles
  • Other crash and bug fixes


Tuesday, Sept 26th, v2.3.5:

  • New: Support for keyboard macros for buttons
  • Photoshop: Automatic profile switching based on the selected tool
  • Lightroom: Fix for Lightroom connection delay
  • Premiere Pro: New Keyframe Quick Start profiles
  • Other crash and bug fixes

Thursday, Aug 31st, v2.3.3:

  • Framework update: Improved performance, support for HiDPI displays for Windows
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Wednesday, Aug 16th, v2.3.1:

  • Premiere Pro: Fix for a scripting error shown on Premiere Pro v11.0.2
  • After Effects: Fix for crashing upon opening the app.
  • Menu bar actions: Fix for loading menu actions when multiple versions of the same app are installed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Tuesday, Aug 1st, 2017, v2.2.6

  • Lightroom: Added search bar to “Apply Preset” drop-down for selecting presets
  • Premiere Pro: New function to apply any effect or transition with a button. Effects and transitions are searchable.
  • After Effects: New function to apply any effect with a button. Effects are searchable.
  • Quickstart Profiles: A Quick Start profile is loaded automatically when creating a new profile
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


Monday, July 24th, 2017, v2.2.4:

  • Menu bar actions on Mac: Assign any application menu bar item to a button. In button settings, select the “menu actions” category
  • Open Applications in the app grid: Instantly create a profile for any open application
  • Quick Assign Improvements: Quick Assign no longer overrides functions in other profiles. Selecting another application closes the Quick Assign dialog window
  • New LED colors for all modules 
  • Photoshop: Show adjustment values in the Palette notification panel for all Photoshop functions


Thursday, June 29th, 2017, v2.1.10:

  • Lightroom: New Presets -> Apply Preset function to apply any preset directly through a button, improved function naming, and function help text.

  • Notification panel: Show change in plugin connection status for different apps, new preference option "Show Live Updates" to enable/disable live value changes and other minor improvements
  • New Quick Start Profiles for Google Chrome, Spotify, VLC, iTunes, and Windows Media Player.
  • Other bug and crash fixes.


Monday, June 12th, 2017, v2.1.6:

  • New Quick Assign mode (inside Palette Profile Switching tab). You can now quickly change the function of any single Palette module without having to come back to PaletteApp!
  • Bug fixes and improvements: Critical issue fixed related to OS sleeping, Improved system-level notifications, notification panel fix for extended display, keyboard mode bug fixes for using specific shortcuts



  • New and improved functions (dials and buttons) for rating, flags, and labels. Cycle through rating/flags/labels, set specific values, and navigate to the next photo.
  • New Reference View button function.


  • New functions for Brush Opacity, Flow, Air Brush, Bristle Brush, and Erodible Brush types.
  • Dodge/Burn brush controls, Blur/Smudge/Sharpen strength controls, Mixer brush controls, and new quick start profiles for advanced brush control.
  • Show brush property adjustment values in the Palette notification panel.

  • New Smart filter adjustments for dials and sliders.
  • Bug fixes and improvements: Live animation of the brush cursor with adjustments, brush size range, brush angle adjustments, font size, too many history states with adjustments.

  Premiere Pro:

  • New and improved transport functions and support of audio mixer track controls up to the 12th track.
  • New dial functions for selecting next/previous keyframe, moving the selected keyframe, and changing the value at the selected keyframe.
  • Improved dial edit point navigation functions, removed auto switching to effects panel while using keyframe functions.


Tuesday, Apr 25th, 2017, v2.1.00:

  • Improved keyframe placement for Premiere Pro: Keyframes are now placed at the correct location when applying effects (e.g. Position, Anchor Point, Opacity, Volume etc.) with dials/sliders
  • Minor Quick Start Profiles bug fixes: Updating custom labels and core screen


Thursday, Apr 20th, 2017, v2.0.99:

  • New Quick Start Profiles interface: Now with every new profile you create (new tab), you can quickly load preset functions for the entire layout. You can access this menu from the bottom of the app


  • UI improvements for HiDPI displays
  • UI improvements for the main Palette layout -mouse hover state, mapped and unmapped function state
  • Other minor bug fixes


Thursday, Apr 13th, 2017, v2.0.97:

  • Major Premiere Pro performance improvements: Faster slider/dial updates in large projects with many clips when using the following functions: Track Control, Clip Control, Motion, Opacity, Effects, and Transitions. This issue was initially explained in this article: here
  • Premiere Pro Lumetri sub-panels open and close automatically according to your changes

  • New application profiles: Adobe Character Animator, Spotify, iTunes, VLC, Windows Media Player



  • Categorized profiles in the app grid


  • Improved feedback collection
  • German language application UI support - can be set through Preferences
  • Improved Notification Panel behaviour
  • Other minor bug fixes


Wednesday, Mar 29th, 2017, v2.0.95:

  • New Quick Start profiles for Photoshop and Lightroom. Profiles have been separated by the corresponding kit size

  • New Google Chrome profile has been added to the app grid.

  • New Palette Notifications system to provide feedback to the user about their actions. The panel is movable and fades after a few seconds



  • Ability to reinstall the extension by clicking “Disconnect” from Adobe app profiles
  • Module settings window now remembers it’s last open position and functions can be assigned by clicking the modules without closing the window
  • Double click to assign a function to a module from the function list
  • Remove bezels from Lightroom. Since the panel notifications essentially indicate the same information we have removed the native bezel
  • Lag fix for opacity in Premiere Pro
  • Other minor fixes 


Friday, Mar 3rd, 2017, v2.0.93:

  • Bug fixes for Photoshop functions: Brush Angle and Brush Spacing


Friday, Feb 28th, 2017, v2.0.92:

  • Bug fixes for app closing detection and issue reporting


Friday, Feb 17th, 2017, v2.0.91:

  • New features for profile loading - Switch profiles in the background with dials (Palette Profile Switching), Load multiple profiles at once from a folder (Load Profile icon at the bottom left)

  • New Feature for tab naming - Double-click on tab title will rename the tab/profile (not just through core settings)

  • New feature for Photoshop - Switch workspaces with dials and minor improvements for error notifications

  • New Lightroom button function - Paste settings from the previous photo

  • Minor improvements to MIDI profile type and few Adobe functions (After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition)

  • Various improvements related to app closing, issue detection, and issue reporting


Monday, Jan 23rd, 2017, v2.0.87:

  • Hotfixes for issue detection and keyboard tab focus issue on module settings window


Tuesday, Jan 17th, 2017, v2.0.86:

  • New getting started steps for first-time Palette users (Help -> Getting Started)
  • Photoshop new features: Adjustment layer functions for dials - Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Offset, Gamma, Vibrance, Saturation. Bug fix for adjusting permanent vibrance with a dial.
  • Premiere Pro: New Button function for toggling selection follows playhead
  • New features for Illustrator, InDesign, and Audition: Advanced dial sensitivity and range settings (min/max) for various functions


Tuesday, December 23rd, v2.0.85:

  • New Customer support feature from the Help menu. Now you can report specific problems directly from the PaletteApp. This will help us serve you better if you ever experience issues
  • Minor improvements to Capture One profiles
  • Various improvements for problem detection and reporting
  • Happy Holidays from the Palette team!


Tuesday, December 20th, v2.0.84:

  • New features for Photoshop and After effects - dial sensitivity and range (min/max) settings for advanced controls
  • Bug fix for clearing custom labels on module functions
  • Various improvements for hardware issue detection and error reporting


Thursday, December 7th, v2.0.82:

  • Support for Capture One Pro 10
  • Advanced Firmware update options from Help -> Palette Updates. This can be used to manually install Firmware version 1.3.1 if there are any hardware connection issues
  • Various minor bug fixes - custom labels with dial sensitivity, focus issues with keyboard shortcut setting


Thursday, December 1st, v2.0.78:

  • New Lightroom features:
    • Range settings (min/max)
    • Dial sensitivity
    • Dial click to reset
    • Improved Dial accuracy
  • New Premiere Pro features:
    • Improved Dial accuracy
    • Most preset keyboard shortcuts converted to native commands (no longer needs panel focus)
    • Menu list reorganized
    • Few new functions (e.g. Select Next / Previous panel)
  • New Capture One Profile mode with screen pack update (preset keyboard shortcuts only, through Palette dials and buttons)
  • Photoshop error dialog box improvements
  • Improvements to software update checking and app screen loading to reduce potential initialization issues and delays


Known Issue:
Lightroom - If changing Temperature in Develop module of a RAW image with a Palette dial, going past the max value of 50,000 will reset it back to 2,000.


Tuesday, Nov 22nd, v2.0.77:

  • Improvements for firmware and screen pack updating for the Palette Core modules. Now it will prompt you to disconnect extra modules and prevent connection related issues during the update. If any errors do happen during the hardware update, it will provide you better troubleshooting steps.
  • Improvements to Lightroom plugin installation and troubleshooting steps. Now it will prompt you within PaletteApp if there is any need for Lightroom to be restarted (e.g. after Palette plugin is updated)
  • About screen changed to Palette Updates (with release notes) under the Help menu

  • Bug fix for sending feature requests (from Help -> Report Issues) and various other minor bug fixes and improvements



Friday, Nov 4th, v2.0.75:

  • New toggle button to show/hide experimental functions

  • Bug fixes for keyboard mode - Clear All and not showing range function
  • Bug fix for opening Palette directly from a saved profile (.plp file)
  • Minor improvement to Lightroom rating change, Premiere Pro Lock/Unlock all audio/video tracks
  • Fix for Spotify profile in Quickstart profiles


Tuesday, Nov 1st, v2.0.74:

  • New Feature: Range (min and max) and sensitivity settings for Premiere Pro functions (other apps will follow soon)

  • New UI improvements for showing experimental functions (with links and explanation)
  • Optimized app installation and updating to take less disk space and download time
  • Improved Playhead (dial) function with Premiere Pro
  • Improvements to screen pack updating for the core
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes


Friday, Oct 14th, v2.0.70:

  • Premiere Pro new function for Palette buttons - create new subclip from the source monitor (with in and out points)
  • Better issue detection for beta version
  • Keyboard mode bug fix - better UI input handling for special characters (e.g. function + arrows)
  • MIDI mode bug fix - CC value setting on dials after a keyboard shortcut is set 


Friday, Oct 7th, v2.0.69:

  • Premiere Pro New Features:
    • Better support for Lumetri adjustments using latest Premiere Pro pre-release (with plugin update). Now there should be less lag and follow the default Premiere Pro behavior. This requires Premiere Pro native plugin update and PaletteApp Beta will prompt you to restart your Premiere Pro pre-release version and add the Control Surface plugin (if you haven't done it already)
    • Support for German version of PPRO
    • New functions for snapping clips and adding transition effects to both ends
  • Keyboard Mode new features:
    • Keyboard dial sensitivity feature setting (with firmware update)
    • New user interface


  • New Feature: Better firmware update detection
  • Photoshop: Adjustment layer improvement
  • Audition: installing the plugin in the common folder (no more multiple plugins detected)
  • Not using dedicated graphics card on Mac anymore
  • Keyboard shortcut label: now shows the correct symbol when used with modifiers

Various minor bug fixes and improvements:

  • LED not turning off for a few modules, on app close (affected some computers)
  • Saving LED for global next/previous profile
  • Edits and improvements to description text for functions
  • Lightroom menu reorder
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