Software Release Notes


 Tuesday, Nov 28th, v2.3.5:

  • Framework update: Improved performance, support for HiDPI displays for Windows
  • Premiere Pro: New Keyframe Quick Start profiles
  • Bug fixes: Fix for InDesign dial functions and menu bar action loading in AfterEffects and other apps
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes


Friday, Oct 20th, v2.3.3:

  • Compatibility with latest Adobe applications


Wednesday, August 16th, v2.3.1:

  • Premiere Pro: Fix for a scripting error shown on Premiere Pro v11.0.2
  • After Effects: Fix for crashing upon opening the app.
  • Menu bar actions: Bug fix for when multiple versions of the same app are installed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Tuesday, August 8th, v2.3.0:

  • Premiere Pro: New function to apply any effect or transition with a button. Effects and transitions are searchable within “Apply Effect” and “Apply Transition” sub-menus.
  • After Effects: New function to apply any effect with a button. Effects are searchable within “Apply Effect” sub-menu.
  • Photoshop: Palette’s intelligent notification panel now shows live updates for all Photoshop functions
  • Lightroom: Presets are now searchable within “Apply Preset” sub-menu.
  • Quick Start Profiles: If available, a Quick Start profile is loaded automatically when creating a new profile
  • Menu Bar Actions (MacOS): Assign any application menu bar item to a button. In button settings, select the “Menu Actions” category
  • Open Applications in the app grid: Instantly create a profile for any open application
  • New LED colors for all modules
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


Friday, July 7th, v2.2.1:

  • Includes a hotfix for an Adobe extension bug introduced in 2.2.0


Thursday, July 6th, v2.2.0:


  • New function: Apply any Preset with a button.
  • New and improved dial and button functions for rating, flags, and labels. Cycle through rating/flags/labels, set specific values, and navigate to the next photo.
  • New Reference View button function
  • Improved function naming and help text


  • New controls for Brush Opacity, Flow, Air Brush, Bristle Brush, Erodible Brush, Mixer Brush, Dodge/Burn mode and exposure, Blur/Smudge/Sharpen strength.
  • Additional Quick Start profiles for brush controls.
  • New Smart filter adjustments for dials and sliders.
  • Show all adjustment values in the Palette notification panel (toggle "Show Live Updates" in preferences)
  • Bug fixes and improvements: Live brush cursor animation, brush size range, font size, too many history states with Palette adjustments.

Premiere Pro:

  • New and improved transport functions, including jog dial and shuttle slider.
  • New keyframe toggle, move, and change controls.
  • Audio mixer controls for up to 12 tracks.
  • Improved dial edit point navigation.

Palette App:

  • General stability improvements and crash fixes.
  • Improved system level notifications.
  • Show Palette plugin connection status in the notification panel.
  • New Quick Start Profiles for Google Chrome, Spotify, VLC, iTunes, and Windows Media Player.
  • Bug fixes and improvements: Correctly show notification panel on external displays, better handling of unsupported keyboard mode characters, disable hotkeys when module settings dialog is open.

Tuesday, June 27th, v2.1.1:

Bug and Crash Fixes

  • Fix for app crash when system comes out of sleep
  • Firmware update to resolve disconnection issues

Thursday, April 27th, v2.1.0 (this is a big one folks):

  • New Quick Start Profiles interface: Now you can quickly load preset functions for the entire layout. You can access this new menu from the bottom of the app


  • New app category interface for creating new profiles/tabs - you can now use the left panel to filter different application types (e.g. Photo / Video / Audio / Design / Custom)


  • New application support for Chrome, Spotify, iTunes and VLC


  • New draggable Palette notifications panel - this helps identify Next/Previous profile actions and other functions
  • Premiere Pro - New support for auto opening/closing of Lumetri sub-panels. Removed latency in large projects with many clips when using the following functions: Track Control, Clip Control, Motion, Opacity, Effects and Transitions. Several other minor bug fixes

  • Several navigation improvements within PaletteApp - double click to set a function, assign functions simply by clicking on other modules (without closing the module settings window)

  • New mechanism for re-installing Palette extension - simply click on "Disconnected" label on the bottom right

  • Various other bug fixes and improvements



Thursday, Mar 9th, v2.0.93:

New Profile Features!

  • “Cycle Profiles” function now available for dial modules (Palette Profile Switching)
  • Profiles can now be renamed by double-clicking on the profile tab
  • Load Profile and Quick Start Profiles features now allow multiple profiles to be loaded at once

New Lightroom Features!

  • “Paste Development Settings from Previous Photo” function now available for button modules

New Photoshop Features!

  • “Select Next/Previous Workspace” function now available for dial modules
  • Bug fixes for Brush Angle and Brush Spacing functions
  • Improved Error Notifications

Other Changes!

  • Minor improvements to MIDI mode
  • Minor improvements to functions in other Adobe apps (After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Various improvements related to app closing, issue detection and issue reporting
  • Various bug fixes


Tuesday, Jan 24th, v2.0.87:

  • New getting started steps for first time Palette users (Help -> Getting Started)
  • Photoshop new features : Adjustment layer functions for dials - Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Offset, Gamma, Vibrance, Saturation
  • Premiere Pro : New Button function - Toggle Selection Follows Playhead; New features for Illustrator, InDesign and Audition
  • Advanced dial sensitivity and range settings (min / max) for various functions
  • Several critical bug fixes - issue detection dialog, keyboard tab focus on module settings


Tuesday, Dec 27th, v2.0.85:

  • New features for Photoshop and After effects - dial sensitivity and range (min/max) settings for advanced controls
  • New Customer support feature from the Help menu. Now you can report specific problems directly from the PaletteApp. This will help us serve you better if you ever experience issues
  • Bug fix for clearing custom labels on module functions
  • Minor improvements to Capture One profiles
  • Various improvements for problem detection and reporting
  • Happy Holidays from the Palette team!

Tuesday, Dec 14th, v2.0.82:

  • New Lightroom features:
    • Range settings (min/max)
    • Dial sensitivity
    • Dial click to reset
    • Improved Dial accuracy
  • New Premiere Pro features:
    • Improved Dial accuracy
    • Most preset keyboard shortcuts converted to native commands (no longer needs panel focus)
    • Menu list reorganized
    • Few new functions (e.g. Select Next / Previous panel)
  • New Capture One profile mode - supports Palette button and dial functions (requires a screen pack update for the icon)
  • Advanced Firmware update options from Help -> Palette Updates. This can be used to manually install Firmware version 1.3.1 if there are any hardware connection issues
  • Various minor improvements - custom labels with dial sensitivity, focus issues with keyboard shortcut setting, software update detection during app start, Photoshop error dialog box improvements

Tuesday, Nov 22nd, v2.0.77:

  • Improvements for firmware and screen pack updating for the Palette Core modules. Now it will prompt you to disconnect extra modules and prevent connection related issues during the update. If any errors do happen during the hardware update, it will provide you better trouble shooting steps.
  • Improvements to Lightroom plugin installation and trouble shooting steps. Now it will prompt you within PaletteApp if there is any need for Lightroom to be restarted (e.g. after Palette plugin is updated)
  • About screen changed to Palette Updates (with release notes) under the Help menu

  • Bug fix for sending feature requests (from Help -> Report Issues) and various other minor bug fixes and improvements


 November 10th, v2.0.75

  • Keyboard Mode new features:
    • Keyboard dial sensitivity feature setting (requires firmware update)
    • New user interface

  • Premiere Pro new Features and improvements:
    • Range (min and max) and sensitivity settings (other apps will follow soon)

    • No more slowness for Lumetri panel and playhead function
    • New functions for snapping clips, adding transition effects to both ends, creating subclips
    • Support for adjusting effects in the German version of Premiere Pro

  • New Feature: Toggle button to show/hide experimental functions

  • Various other bug fixes and improvements:
    • Bug fix for opening Palette directly from a saved profile (.plp file)
    • Optimized app installation and updating to take less disk space and download time
    • Creating keyboard function custom labels are now saved properly in external profiles (.plp files)
    • Bug fix in MIDI for octave note offset
    • LED not turning off for a few modules, on app close (affected some computers)
    • Saving LED for global next/previous profile
    • Edits and improvements to description text for functions
    • Lightroom menu reorder
    • No longer using dedicated graphics card on Mac anymore



  • August 8th, v2.0.61
    • Next/Previous Profile (function modifier) fixes
    • Premiere Pro - plugin installation improvements, new keyframe functions and few helpful descriptions
    • Improvements to keyboard profile mode, issue detection and reporting 
  • July 15th, v2.0.58
    • New product registration (one time) for Palette kits - this is needed for warranty and returns
    • Premiere Pro new features and improvements - reset Lumetri, motion scale, CTI jump for audio effects, drop frames fix, 4 new quick start profiles
    • Profile Switching improvements: new option in Preferences to toggle profile skipping of other applications
    • Bug fixes for profile switching and OS brightness with buttons


  • June 22nd, v2.0.54
    • Premiere Pro - new functions with the latest 2015.3 release (v10.3). Please install the latest Adobe CC version (June 21st, 2016)
    • Premiere Pro - Lumetri color, transitions, effects, track & clip control and various other new functions
    • New hardware screen feature - see the name of the invoked funtion directly on the Core
    • Improvements for hardware updating & issue reporting


  • June 8th, v2.0.48
    • Profile detection for future Premiere Pro version(s)
    • Bug fixes for hardware updating and screen text limits
    • Minor issues fixed for app closing and for computer shutdown


    • May 18th, v2.0.44
      • New Final Cut Pro X profile - variety of functions for buttons & dials
      • New functions for Premiere Pro & Audition mixer tracks: Adjust volume, panning on active track, master track or any of the individual tracks. Toggle shy, solo or cycle active track selection
      • New Plugin installation option for Premiere & Audition from Help menu
      • Bug fixes for multiple dialogs (Windows), keyboard mode & screen updating


    • April 21st, v2.0.41
      • New Adobe Audition CC functions and improvements - New Shuttle function for dials (deprecated for buttons), auto switching to Waveform editor for Brush functions, Select Razor Tool, improvements to CTI (playhead) and toggle skip selection, help text for various functions
      • Computer shutdown issues fixed for Windows 7 and 8 (prevents false crash detection)
      • Minor fixes for bug reporting and detection


    • April 8th, v2.0.40
      • New Adobe Audition CC profile - various functions added for Palette dials and buttons
      • Fixed OS media key problems (e.g. Volume, Play/Pause) with app focus changing
      • Improved bug reporting and issue detection; Few Premiere Pro improvements and fixes for the Italian version
      • After Effects - new functions for color correction (Gamma, Input/Output White and Black)
      • Support for Core screen image updating; Minor app closing and tab opening issues fixed


    • April 2nd, v2.0.38
      • Hot fix for bug reporter and feedback submission server issues


    • March 30th, v2.0.37
      • New Keyboard profile - now you can create a Keyboard profile specifically for any of running apps. Automatic profile switching will select the appropriate profile whenever your application gets focus
      • New function for skipping profiles of other apps - simply enable the checkbox inside Palette Profile Switching mode for buttons
      • Bug fixes for Premiere Pro integration


    • March 14th, v2.0.33
      • New Premiere Pro Beta functions for Effects Controls panel - Motion (Scale, Scale Width, Rotation, Anti-flicker Filter), Opacity, Volume (Volume Level, Left Channel, Right Channel)
      • Minor bug fixes and improvements for other app functions


    • March 3rd, v2.0.32
      • Premiere Pro awesomeness - initial Beta support for editing in Lumetri Color Panel. New functions to control ALL the sliders inside Basic Correction, Creative, Curves and Vignette subpanels with Palette dials or sliders


    • March 1st, v2.0.31
      • New wood theme for wood kit users
      • Improved launch at startup - app closed to menu bar/system tray if enabled
      • Premiere Pro bug fixes for Nudge Clip left / right
      • Premiere Pro Start and Stop Playback deprecated (for separate buttons) - handled with Play/Stop with just one button
      • Minor memory performance and app closing issues fixed


    • February 22nd, v2.0.27
      • New feature for re-installing images to Palette Core Screen (go to: About -> Reset Palette Screen)
      • New function for Premiere Pro to adjust any property (number field) with a dial
      • Critical memory issue improvement for Mac
      • Illustrator and InDesign navigation improvements for dials and sliders (scrolling and panning)
      • Bug reporting improvements and other minor bug fixes
      • Improvement for Lightroom before and after toggle


    • February 7th, v2.0.26
      • Several keyboard functions fixed
      • App closing, computer shutdown and minor Windows audio control issues
      • Hardware communication improvements


    • January 29th, v2.0.23
      • Bug fixes - Lightroom 5 function setting and firmware updating


    • January 27th, v2.0.22
      • New info text field to help understand how the functions work for each app - functions with (i) shows a small explanation below
      • Several Premiere Pro functions fixed (e.g. nudge, shuttle, zoom in/out)
      • USB Device connection and firmware updating issues fixed
      • Few app closing issues fixed


    • January 10th, v2.0.19
      • Critical bug fix for using Palette with Premiere Pro
      • Firmware updating improvements
      • Revised help text for some Lightroom and Photoshop functions - visible on mouse hover (tool tip)
      • Hardware communication improvement for Windows


    • December 25th, v2.0.17
      • Lightroom and Photoshop - new functions added to control any slider/property with a dial and toggle through sliders/properties
      • New Lightroom 5 profile type
      • New description text added for several Lightroom and Photoshop functions (mouse hover / tooltip message) to help explain the usage
      • New app window focus funtionality for keyboard mode functions - only allow functions when the respective app window is on focus (e.g. Photoshop)
      • Crucial crash fixed for computer shutdown
      • Improved crash reporting and minor UI improvements


    • December 18th, v2.0.14
      • Support for dragging multiple sliders simultaneously in Lightroom
      • New feature for application functions - mouse hover tooltip message shows how the function works (added only for a few Lightroom functions so far)
      • Bug fixes for function setting on app start and Lightroom keyboard shortcuts
      • New Help links for Preferences and Adobe app disconnected states
      • Other bug fixes for LED setting on app close, global Palette profile switching and OS Application Menu bar / System tray


    • December 16th, v2.0.13
      • New keyboard shortcuts for Illustrator.
      • Improvements to automated crash reports and explicit reports sent by users, for bug reports and feature requests.
      • Several bug fixes.


    • December 14th, v2.0.10
      • New Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and Lightroom.
      • Bug fixes and minor UI improvements.


    • December 11th, v2.0.9
      • New Quick Start Profiles feature for various different applications. This can be accessed from the home screen and can help you to set up your Palette modules with different applications
      • Ability to upload and share profiles to other users, directly from PaletteApp. When you submit your profiles, you can also provide your information (e.g. personal website or social networks) so that you can get acknowledgement on our website
      • Lightroom and Photoshop - various useful keyboard shorcuts added in function list
      • Provided helpful tutorial links from PaletteApp
      • Minor user interface improvements and several bug fixes for keyboard shortcut assignments, profile loading and MIDI mode


    • December 4th, v2.0.6
      • New Quick Start Profiles - several profiles are now bundled into the application. You can load them through the "Quick Start Profiles" icon on the main screen or through the file menu item
      • Improved profile loading - new notification to show how many modules are missing with respect to the intended profile
      • Premiere Pro CC - several helpful keyboard shortcuts added for buttons and dials. You can access them from the "Premiere Pro mode" tab inside "Button Settings" or "Dial Settings"
      • Improved notification for Adobe extension installation problems
      • Few minor bugs & crash issues fixed


  • December 1st, v2.0.5
    • First beta release for V2. Feature parity with V1
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