Known Issues

  1. For optimal responsiveness and stability, Palette must be connected directly to a USB port on the host machine. Using a USB hub or other peripheral, especially an un-powered hub, may induce connectivity issues.
  2. At the package manager package selection screen, clicking on the packages to install/uninstall fairly quickly will cause the screen to glitch. The same thing happens for updates to anything other than the main PaletteApp (because it is mandatory).
  3. Once selecting updater or package manager and clicking next, it is not possible to go back.
  4. Windows requires the maintenance tool to be run with admin rights to change repository, update the app, add/remove packages. This is in addition to the maintenance tool in Windows asking for admin privileges later after the tool has been started.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts in addition to functions may not work on older versions of Adobe After Effects, update to the newest version through Adobe Creative Cloud to rectify the issue.
  6. If you disable Optimized For Performance from the Preferences window, then Palette's interaction with other applications might slow down a bit. This also depends on your machine's configuration and the PaletteApp 2 window state
  7. If your network has permission setting which does not allow the download of .7z files, you will receive an error during installation. You can verify this test by downloading a .7z file from the internet and observing that you are unable to download the file. You can bypass this issue by using a different internet connection that has no restrictions just for the installation setup.
  8. Palette App animations should be disabled to ensure system stability when using Palette with Capture One Pro 10 on Macs equipped with an AMD graphics card. The recommended solution is to enable the setting “Optimized for Performance” under PaletteApp>Preferences.
  9. When using an iMac, when the computer is in sleep mode then "awaken" the Palette profile switching may be delayed. After 30 seconds however, the profile switching works as expected.
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