Button / Dial / Slider Settings

There are four main parts in a button, dial or slider settings window. The biggest section, the Application Functions, are covered under the Modes section. The other sections include:

  1. Modes sidebar
  2. Customization options
  3. Clearing settings

1. Modes Sidebar

Each module can be set to different modes. These modes include

For more details, click on the above links to move to their corresponding articles listed under the Modes section.

2. Customize your button, dial or slider

You can customize your module by changing the LED colour or set a custom label name. Click on any of the coloured rectangles to change your module LED to that colour. Watch a quick 30 second video on changing the LED colours below:

To set a custom label name, a function must be assigned first. After the module has a function, the label icon changes and you can change the label.

3. Clearing your settings

There are two buttons here: Clear All and Done. Clear All removes all settings and reverts your settings back to default for the selected button, dial or slider. If you are uncertain of which module settings you have open, simply move the settings window until you see your layout. The module will be highlighted with a green label. 

Done closes the settings window. All settings are saved immediately after any changes so you can close the settings window from the Done button or the red close button at the corner.

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