Automatically open PaletteApp after computer startup

Requirements: profiles already set up

There is no need to go to Applications or Program Files to open PaletteApp. Have PaletteApp open automatically and then let it run in the background with the help of two preferences.

The key preferences:

Launch at Startup

This preference will automatically launch PaletteApp whenever you start up your computer.

Close to menu bar / system tray

When PaletteApp launches, it would open in a minimized state. If you quit PaletteApp from the close "X" button at the corner, then PaletteApp remains open and available from the menu bar (Mac) or system tray (Windows).

How does this work?

The next time you start up or reset your computer, PaletteApp will be open automatically and minimized on the dock / system tray. While not necessary, feel free to restore PaletteApp and quit from the red close button. There will be a message reminding you that PaletteApp is still open in the menu bar / system tray:

To close PaletteApp, click on the profile icon at the menu bar / system tray and select quit:

PaletteApp continues working in the background so you can keep using Palette buttons, dials and sliders on the fly without worrying about the app.

And if you use PaletteApp with multiple different apps, make sure to use the auto profile switching on app focus preference! This preference will automatically go to the correct Palette profile when you switch to different apps.

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