How to assign more than one control to a dial/button/slider

Every module can hold up to 15 different application functions by using multiple profiles. You can assign one control to a dial/button/slider on every profile.

Profiles can be used as different steps of your workflow. Instead of placing useful functions all into one profile, consider creating a different profile for each step of your workflow.

But how can you use these different profiles without going through the tedious process of opening PaletteApp, looking for the right profile tab and then click it?

Use Palette profile switching buttons to go to your next or previous profile. For more details on Palette profile switching, go here.

Lightroom CC Example

Every time you import a bunch a photos, use a Sorting profile to quickly go through the photos and decide which ones to keep (flag pick) or remove (flag reject). 

The crop angle slider lets you straighten out any photos as you go through. Once you've decided which photos to keep, it is time to process those photos. Press the next profile button to switch to your next profile: developing.

You can assign all the functions you use to process photos here. In our example, we use the "Change Hovered Slider" dial to control all sliders within Lightroom.

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