Using the drop down menu

The menu bar is bar at the top containing PaletteApp 2 (Mac only), File, Window, Community and Help. In this article, we will go through the most significant options.

  1. About PaletteApp
  2. Preferences
  3. Quick Start Profiles
  4. Community Profiles
  5. Feedback

About PaletteApp

To view our About PaletteApp window, click on About PaletteApp 2 (Mac) under PaletteApp 2 or About (Windows) under Help. Here you will able to view your current app version, Lightroom plugin version and Adobe extension version.

Check For Updates

This makes Palette look for the newest software update. If you have the latest software, then the following message will appear: You have the latest software version! If you do not have the latest software, you will get a prompt, Your software is outdated! Please update.

Reinstall Firmware

Reinstall Firmware will update your core to latest firmware version. If you notice any abnormal behaviour, use this option to quickly refresh your core. This takes only a few seconds but do not remove the core for any reason! Removing the core during this sensitive process can cause the core to stop working.

Reset Palette Screen

This option will re-upload the core screen images. If any of your icons are distorted on the screen, use this option to restore to default images. To maximize success, connect the core after removing all buttons, dials and sliders.


You can change PaletteApp preferences under PaletteApp 2 (Mac) or File (Windows). Some adjustable settings include launching after computer startup, showing Palette notifications or allowing auto profile switching. For a comprehensive list and description of each preference, go here.

Quick Start Profiles

You can open quick start profiles from the File menu or from the quick access icon bar. These are pre-made profiles that you can open and start using immediately. 

Community Profiles

This option will bring you to Palette's webpage, where you can download and use community created profiles.


There are many ways to send us bug reports or feature requests. One way is through PaletteApp, under the Help menu. Be sure to include your email if you want us to contact you!

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