Audition CC: Plugin Installation Errors

This article contains a list of common errors when installing Audition plugin. The error text is shown at the installation window in red:

To quickly search for your error, use Find and type in your error. For Windows, open Find with ctrl + F. For Mac, use command + F.

Error Description Solution
Adobe Audition installation was not detected! PaletteApp could not detect Audition CC in the default location Install Audition CC and/or use Browse to look for the correct folder location

Installation path not valid!

PaletteApp is unable to find Audition and install the plugin in the specified location Use Browse to look for the correct folder location.
 Installation failed! The plugin could not be found. Please reinstall PaletteApp PaletteApp is unable to find the plugin file within Palette folders. Reinstall PaletteApp. Steps to uninstall PaletteApp here
 Installation failed! Files could not be copied to the destination folder.  PaletteApp does not have the privileges to install the plugin in the correct folder. Right click PaletteApp  and click "Run as administrator"
Installation failed! Please make sure the Adobe application is closed and try again.  PaletteApp is unable to install the plugin while Audition is running Quit Audition. If Audition is already closed, then restart your computer

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