Using the quick access icons

The quick access icons are found at the bottom left corner of PaletteApp.

For new profiles, there are icons to Load Profile and load Quick Start Profiles.

Once a profile is open, more options are available.

From here, you can Rotate Setup, Save Profile, Load Profile, load Quick Start Profiles, or Upload & Share Profile.

Rotate Setup

This is the only place to Rotate Setup, which turns the layout orientation clockwise. For example, if the USB cord is sticking out to the right side of your physical layout then you can rotate setup to match the software layout to your physical layout.

Quick Start Profiles

Quick start profiles are pre-made profiles that you can open and start using immediately. These profiles are great for getting started or to help you decide which controls to use.

Upload & Share Profile

Upload & share profile lets you send your profile to the Palette team where we will review your profile. After reviewing your profile, we will upload it to our Community webpage where other users can download and use your profile.

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