PaletteApp: Core module not recognized

In some cases, the PaletteApp may not recognize a connected core module and continue displaying the Connect Palette to get started message. Here are a few things to look out for and try when this occurs:

1) Check the connection with only the core module connected.

If the core is still not connecting to PaletteApp, check the core's USB port and cable for any foreign objects, breaks or bends. Report any damages through a customer request. 

2) Check the system for hardware connection. 

On Mac:

  •  Click the Apple icon in the top left corner
  •  Choose "About this Mac"
  •  Click "System Report"

  •  Under Hardware and USB devices, check if the Palette multi-function device is listed 

If not, try using different USB ports or cables. Also, remove any extra connected hardware.

On Windows:

  • Using Windows search bar, type in and select Device Manager. 
  • Under "Sound, video and game controllers", check if Palette Multi-function Device is listed. 

If the device does not show up in Device Manager, try using different USB ports or another USB cable, and also remove any other connected hardware. 

3) Try a different computer and/or operating system.

4) Connect the core directly to your machine.

USB hubs can interfere with the connection so connect the core directly to your machine for best results.

5) Attempt a firmware reinstallation. 

Click here for steps on how to do reinstall firmware.

An error may occur the first time, and give the option to update once more. Continue with the update a second time. 

6) Try a clean installation of the application.  

There are steps to uninstall PaletteApp here and then steps on removing any remaining files here.

We recommend that you restart your computer after a clean installation.


If the above steps do not make a difference at all, please send a request to and our team will take on the problem on a more personal level. In this case, a replacement core module may be necessary and will be organized as needed. 

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