PaletteApp: "Checksum mismatch detected" installation/update error

The following Checksum mismatch error detected error prevents users from installing or updating PaletteApp:

Make sure your firewall is not blocking PaletteApp from accessing the internet and then check your internet connection before attempting installation or updating again. This issue is unfortunately outside of Palette's control as we are using an open source wizard and do not have control over the underlying network technology.

If your network has permission setting which does not allow the download of .7z files, you will receive an error during installation. You can verify this test by downloading a .7z file from the internet and observing that you are unable to download the file. You can bypass this issue by using a different internet connection that has no restrictions just for the installation setup. Once you have installed the app, you can connect back your network connection

If this issue persists, try running the installer in admin mode.

Click here for an article with steps on how to run the installer in admin mode.

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