Enabling the Plugin for Premiere Pro and Audition

Following PaletteApp v2.0.53, the plugin for Premiere Pro will install automatically upon detection of Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 version and up. Scroll down for the steps to enable Premiere Pro's plugin.

Audition's plugin requires the "Installing the Plugin" steps below.

Installing the Plugin

In the latest Palette version, Premiere Pro's plugin installs automatically upon creating of a Premiere Pro profile. If you received an error, look for the solution in our list of Premiere Pro plugin installation errors.

To install Audition's plugin, create an Audition profile and there will be the following plugin installation prompt.

If you receive an error message in red, look for the solution in our list of Audition plugin installation errors.

Mac users will need to find their Premiere Pro or Audition application while Windows users need to find the root folder.

To manually open the plugin installation dialog, go to the Help menu and click on "Audition Plugin".

Enabling Palette Plugin (V2)

The following steps will help you enable the Palette Plugin (V2), which will allow the use of some newly added functions in both Premiere Pro CC and Audition CC with Palette.


1) In your Adobe Application, go to "Preferences" and then "Control Surface"


For Windows, preferences is located under the File menu.

2) Premiere Pro users: Within the Control Surface preferences, choose "Add": 

*Audition users: continue to the next step.


3) Click on the Device Class dropdown menu, choose the "Palette Plugin (V2)". In Premiere Pro:

In Audition:

After the Plugin is selected, click OK. You should now be able to use the newly added functions in Premiere and/or Audition.  

These instructions only need to be carried out once for each Adobe application.  

 Premiere Pro and/or Audition Disconnected?

For Premiere Pro and Audition to be "Connected," both the plugin and Palette Extension must be enabled. The steps to enable the plugin is shown above, but to enable Palette Extension, go here and look for "Adobe Extensions".

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