PaletteApp: Error during installation process: "not enough memory"

If you are getting "not enough memory" installation error, please install PaletteApp in administrator mode.

The installer we are using is an open source one and unfortunately, the "not enough memory" is one of the issues that is only happening to some users and we don't have control over the underlying network technology used.

1) Unzip directly on Desktop. This will put onto your Desktop folder.

2) Open the application called "Terminal"

3) Write this command. You can copy directly from here, paste it into the terminal and then press enter:

sudo -b ~/Desktop/

4) Continue with the installation


1) Right click PaletteInstaller_x64.exe and select "Run as administrator"

2) A "User Account Control" window may show up. Click "Yes"

3) Continue with the installation


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