One way to access the Preferences window is from the File menu (Windows) or the PaletteApp menu (Mac).

The Preferences dialog is shown below. A shaded box indicates the following preference is on.

Launch at startup
Open PaletteApp when you start your computer.

Close to system tray/menu bar
Closing the PaletteApp window will hide it from view, but keep the app running in the system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). Keyboard shortcuts will still quit the app.

Show notifications
Notifications will be shown/not shown.

Optimized for performance
Check this for better performance on a lower-spec computer. If you disable this preference, PaletteApp will display your interactions in real-time.

Automatic Profile Switching
When this option is on, PaletteApp will detect which app you're using. If you have an Adobe profile or keyboard profile, your current profile will automatically switch to one that matches that app.

Skip profiles of other applications

When switching profiles with Palette profile switching buttons, this preference will skip profiles types that do not match with your current profile. For example, if you have a Lightroom profile open then Palette profile switching buttons will skip any non-Lightroom profiles. This preference is also shown within button settings.

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