What's a profile?

A profile is a set of functions assigned to your layout made specifically for an application. You can save a profile for each type of application you want to use, or use multiple profiles within one application and switch between them quickly for more functions.

How are profiles useful?

Creating profiles for different applications allow for automatic profile switching, which you can toggle in preferences. Automatic profile switching will change your working profile to the correct profile without disrupting your work flow.

Multiple profiles for one application is great for effectively increasing the number of functions per module. Having large kits can get heavy and unwieldy, especially when you have to reach out to use the correct module. Alternatively, you may wish you had just a few more dials. In this case, multiple profiles allow you assign those dial functions to the dials you already have. Go here to see exactly how can you use multiple profiles.


We have a collection of profiles sent from users like you, located at our website. Help other members of our community by sending us your profiles! There are three ways to send your profile:

1. Through our website, palettegear.com/profiles

2. Send it directly to us at support@palettegear.com

3. Upload & share profile through PaletteApp

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