Media Keys Mode

You can control system level settings such as volume or brightness with buttons, dials and sliders. To use these functions, click on a button, dial or slider on any profile and select Media mode.

You can control system volume, screen brightness, and media playback. Due to software dependencies, there may be limitations to how some of these functions work.

Media Functions


All modules can increase or decrease system volume. Buttons and dials can also mute the volume with a button or dial press.


Playback functions can be assigned to buttons and dials. Buttons can play/pause or stop currently playing media. If there is a playlist, buttons can go to the next or previous media while dials can scroll through the playlist when turned with playback


All modules can increase or decrease system brightness. For Windows, adjusting brightness is available when an external monitor is connected to your system.

NOTE: Changing the brightness with Palette will only affect one monitor.

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