Saving and loading profiles

There are many different ways to save and load profiles. You can open a profile with a .plp profile, using the toolbar, keyboard shortcuts or menu bar. PaletteApp also automatically saves your profile once you have selected a profile type. It will reload all opened profiles the next time you start up the app.

Getting started with Quick Start profiles

Unsure on where to start with your profiles? Load some quick start profiles bundled with PaletteApp. To take a look, click on the Quick Start Profiles button on the bottom left corner or go to File in the menu bar. There are also more profiles available for download on our Profiles webpage.

File Extension (.plp)
You can open PaletteApp and load a profile instantly by double-clicking a .plp file. 

Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows: Ctrl+S saves the current profile, and Ctrl+O opens a .plp file.
Mac: Command+S saves the current profile, and Command+O opens a .plp file.

Toolbar and Menu bar

The bottom left corner has save (floppy disk icon) and load (open folder icon) buttons. File, in the menu bar, can save and load profiles as well.

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