Keyboard Mode

There are two ways to use keyboard functions - creating a new Keyboard Profile  or using Keyboard Mode to assign keyboard functions inside an pre-built profile. You can set keyboard functions to any dial or button (sliders not currently supported).

Watch a quick video demonstrating keyboard mode below.


Keyboard Profiles

Upon creation of a keyboard profile, there will be a list of running and active apps.

Choose the app you wish to create a keyboard profile for and click "Select Application" at the bottom of the dialog window. If your application is not listed, ensure that it is active and then click the refresh button at the top right corner, under Help.

Chose the wrong app or want to change your profile to work for another app? At the bottom, the chosen app is displayed. Clicking on this app will bring up the applications list once more.

App Focus in Keyboard Profiles

Keyboard shortcuts set in keyboard profiles will only work with their respective app, selected from the applications list, and only when the app is in focus. PaletteApp displays the focus status on the bottom right corner:

Out of Focus indicates that the app is not in the foreground and the keyboard functions will not work. In Focus indicates the app is in the foreground and the keyboard functions will work as intended.


Using keyboard mode with other profiles

You can set keyboard shortcuts to other profiles, such as Adobe profiles, without creating a Keyboard profile. Once you click on a button or dial module, go to the Keyboard mode tab located under App mode. This will let you use a variety of key and modifier combinations.


Open a button or dial module settings and go to Keyboard mode. Apply the keyboard shortcut to the settings dialog to map that shortcut to your button or dial.

Setting Dial Functions
You can set three different keyboard shortcuts to a single dial module: a function for clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation, and dial press. Click the icons under Keyboard mode to set the function for that specific action.  

Set a Custom Name
Know the shortcut but can't remember what it means? Give it a name! You can set your own name for that function in the bottom left corner.

App Focus in Adobe Profiles
Keyboard shortcuts set in Adobe profiles will only work with their respective app. If you set a "New Document" (command + N or ctrl + N) button in a Photoshop CC profile, then that profile's button will create a new document only in Photoshop.

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