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Creating a Keyboard Profile

Using Keyboard Mode in Other Profiles

Assigning Shortcuts to Modules

App Focus in Keyboard Profiles – "Out of Focus" Message


What is Keyboard Mode?

Palette can be used to control any software by assigning keyboard shortcuts to the dial and button modules.

There are two ways to use keyboard functions – by creating a new Keyboard Profile for any application, or by using Keyboard Mode assignments to create custom functions inside a pre-configured profile, such as Lightroom.

While Sliders are not currently supported, you can assign them to Media Mode functions from inside any Keyboard Profile.



Fig. 1 – Currently running applications shown in PaletteApp

Creating a Keyboard Profile

PaletteApp displays a list of running applications when choosing a profile type. These are displayed at the bottom of the list of all integrations. You can also access this list directly by selecting "Open apps" from the left side menu.

1. Select your chosen app from the list to create a new Keyboard Profile. Select "Update app list" from below the app icons to refresh this list. (Fig. 1)

2. Select "Update app list" from below the app icons to refresh this list. (Fig. 1)

3. Select your core module or double-click the Profile tab to name your new profile.

Using Keyboard Mode in Other Profiles

You can use Keyboard Mode to assign shortcuts to dials and buttons within other profile types, such as Adobe profiles.

To access Keyboard Mode from within any profile, simply click on your desired dial or button module, then select "Keyboard Mode" from the left menu. (Fig. 2, upper left)


Fig. 2 – Assigning keyboard shortcuts to a dial module

Assigning Shortcuts to Modules

1. Use the keyboard to enter your shortcut. Modifiers can be added and changed using the checkboxes to the right.

2. Assign discrete shortcuts for Right Turn, Left Turn, and Press on any dial module.

3. Give your module assignment a custom name and color (Fig. 2, bottom left).

4. Dials have a sensitivity control that adjusts how many shortcuts are sent in one rotation. Adjust this to fine-tune the response of your dial. (Fig. 2, bottom center-right).

App Focus in Keyboard Profiles – "Out of Focus" Message

Keyboard profiles will only work with their respective app, and only when the app is "in focus" – that is, when the app is visible and its window is selected. PaletteApp displays the focus status on the bottom right corner.

Out of Focus indicates that the app is not in the foreground and the keyboard functions will not work.

In Focus indicates the app is in the foreground and the keyboard functions will work as intended. 


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