Hardware FAQ

What can the dials do?

Dials give you precise control. Switch between coarse and fine tuning mode by pressing and turning; use the click action as a button function as well.

How does Palette connect to my computer?

Palette connects via a standard USB cable with the core module. At the moment, wireless connectivity is not supported but possible for future versions.

How many modules can I have?

Up to 18 modules can be supported with one Core module. As you approach 18 modules, it's normal for the LED halos around each module to decrease in brightness – this is how Palette conserves the power supplied to it over USB.

If the sliders aren't motorized, how do they reset their positions when you edit multiple photos in Lightroom?

When you navigate to a new photo, the position of the sliders on Lightroom user interface won't be affected at all until you move the physical slider.

Are you going to offer other types of hardware modules?

Yes, we are considering it for the future. If have any suggestions for future modules, please let us know at support@palettegear.com.

Why does my Palette seem to go to sleep after a few seconds?

By design, the Palette core screen will stop displaying after 20 seconds to prevent image retention. Using a module will still apply the assigned function instantly, and will also wake up the screen.

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