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Which operating systems does it work with?

You can use Palette with both Windows (7 and higher) and Mac (10.10 Yosemite and higher) operating systems.

What versions of Adobe software are compatible with Palette?

Our Adobe plugins are compatible with Lightroom 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 and newer. However, you can still use Palette in older versions by using the keyboard profile in PaletteApp, which allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to your dial and button modules.

Can I set keyboard shortcuts to Palette kits?

Yes. You can set various keyboard shortcuts with modifier keys (e.g Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Cmd) to Palette buttons and dials and use them with any application.

Does Palette work with X software?

Palette works with any software that has functions which can be executed via keyboard shortcuts. In the near future, we plan to release an SDK that will allow developers to contribute, build and release support for more third-party applications.

Does it support MIDI?

Yes! Any music or other applications that support MIDI protocol can be controlled with Palette buttons, dials, and sliders. Most MIDI software has integrated learning functions for recognizing Note On/Off (buttons and dial press), and Control Change (sliders and dial turns) values assigned to Palette kits.

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