Application Mode

Application modes include Lightroom CC/6 mode, Photoshop CC mode, Illustrator CC mode, After Effects CC mode, Premiere Pro CC mode, InDesign CC mode, Audition CC mode, Lightroom 5 mode and Final Cut Pro X mode.

To assign an Adobe app function, click any button, dial or slider and go to App mode. In this mode, there is an expanding list of functions. For example, go to Lightroom CC/6 mode and click on Library Selection to reveal a list of functions related to selecting photos in the library module. Black menu items indicate a function while gray menu items indicate an expanding menu.

Some functions have a tooltip to explain how it works and how to use the function. There are two ways to view the tooltip text - select or hover over functions with help icon.

Have a function in mind already? Use the search bar at the top to quickly look for your desired functions. 

If your function is not listed, use Keyboard mode or let us know at

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