Switching profiles

There are many ways to switch your current profile. Within PaletteApp, you can use the tab bar and click on the desired profile or use keyboard shortcuts. You can also change profiles without opening PaletteApp by using our Palette Profile Switching feature, found in the Button Settings and Dial Settings menus (see illustration below).

Select the Automatic Profile Switching option under Preferences for Palette to automatically detect the currently used app and switch to a corresponding profile.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Windows) or Control+Tab and Control+Shift+Tab (Mac) to cycle through profiles quickly.

Palette Profile Switching
You can also assign the Palette Profile Switching function to a button or dial. For more details, read this article.

Automatic Profile Switching
This preference can be turned on or off under the Preferences window, located under the File menu (Windows) or PaletteApp menu (Mac). When this preference is on, PaletteApp will detect which app you're currently using and automatically switch to a corresponding profile.

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