To make Palette a MIDI device, switch to a MIDI profile. Each MIDI profile can be assigned to a channel. MIDI buttons can be notes, dials can be notes or continuous controllers and sliders can be continuous controllers.

Each MIDI profile represents a channel. If you want to change the channel, click on the core for the Core Settings. Click on the gray box under MIDI Channel to open a drop down menu. Select the desired channel for the MIDI profile.

Each module has a MIDI message type assigned to them by default. You can click on a module to change the default message type.

For dials, the note and octave corresponds with the dial press action while dial turns act as a continuous controller.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts through Keyboard mode. In MIDI profiles, keyboard shortcuts have the unique ability to work with any application.

Using multiple channels
To use multiple different channels, create MIDI profiles and switch between them with a Palette Profile Switching button.

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