Lightroom Compatibility: About Classic, CC, & 6




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    Alessio Lupo

    I use Palette Gear with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC in Italian leanguage and I have problem whit command of basic - exposition or basic - contrast when do you think to resolve this problem?


    I am Italian user I cant use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC in English, German, or Swedish for me is impossible...

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    I am using Palette with Lightroom Classic CC in DUTCH. I installed the upgrade from Lightroom a few weeks ago and afterwards I saw that Palette software did not follow... I understand English but I simply don't want to switch to the English version of Lightroom. How long will it take to make the use of the (expensive!) Palette possible again? This is a big inconvenience!


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    Hi Alessio and Ronald,

    This is now fixed as of the 7.1 update—please try updating to the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC and your basic panel ought to be working perfectly.

    Please email me at if you have any questions.

    - Andy @ Palette

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    Alessio Lupo

    @Andy thank you for your support.

    Now I have tested and all ok.


    Thank you so much

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