Hardware: Modules are blinking

If you are experiencing modules connecting and disconnecting it may be best to try these troubleshooting steps.

1. Check to see if the module pins and connecting pads are intact, damaged pins or missing ones can cause connection issues.

2. Ensure that the USB cable is connected to your computer directly, avoiding the use of a USB HUB. Any HUBs that are not powered may limit the current going into the Palette hardware which can cause modules disconnection issues.

3. Try moving the module to a different position in your Palette layout and see if that resolves the blinking. If you have too many modules all connected to a single side of a module this may cause disconnection issues.


If you have tried these steps and the module is still blinking/disconnecting frequently, you can perform a firmware reset which can potentially resolve the issue.

You can perform a firmware reset by following the steps below:

A. Open the PaletteApp and under the help menu, open the menu and open up "Palette Updates". For Mac users, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut (CMD+,) to open the Preferences window.



B. Select "Reinstall Firmware" from the list in the Palette Updates menu, you should see a dialogue open up like the one below. Ensure that you have your Palette core connected to your computer directly avoiding the use of a USB hub. You will need to remove all the modules from the core and hit "Update" to continue.



C. After successfully updating plug back in your modules and check to see if the modules are still connecting/disconnecting. 

If your layout no longer appears, try these troubleshooting steps and then contact us at support@palettegear.com immediately.



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